Welcome to the homepage for the AVS (formerly American Vacuum Society) student chapter at the University of Minnesota. We are one of the largest AVS student chapters in the midwest and work closely with the Minnesota chapter of AVS: Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing.

Friends working on a project


We work on a variety of on campus projects involving vacuums, like making astronaut ice cream and vapor deposition systems.

Networking graph


One of our main focuses is connecting current students with our contacts in industry to build relationships and expose students to potential opportunities at partner companies.

Outreach to elementary schools


Using our experience, we work to inspire the next generation of scientists by doing experiments, teaching about what we do, and helping to shape a path that leads to a career in science.

Want to become a part of AVS@UMN? Stop by at our next general meeting or event or sign up to be added to our listhost!